About Us

Here at Fountasia, we have operated in the leading sector of the Home and Garden market for more than 20 years. Our day-by-day goal is to create innovative, on-trend products with original designs. Fountasia is a UK-based retailer where all our items are designed in-house, on UK soil. Attention to detail is key in our industry and we differentiate ourselves by hand-painting the vast majority of our products for a real life-like effect.

We consistently aim to cater for the everchanging needs of the British home and garden. Over the years, Fountasia has developed our renowned World of Make Believe concept. This division plays upon the imaginative world of magic and wonder. Enchant your garden today with our fairy, pixie and elf collections. In each of these ranges we offer an array of lifestyle products from pixie houses to fairy tea cup bird-feeders.

Fountasia always captures the interest of our audience by regularly rolling out new ranges. Recently, we’ve released our collection of World of Make Believe Books, our DIY build it yourself RoboTime range, in addition to an array of playful Christmas collections such as The Gonk Factory.

Check out our online store for all your conventional/magical home and garden needs, whatever the season!